Apr. 9th, 2017

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So after another month or more I finally googled Couch to 5K.  Confirmation that my parathyroids were 'normal' on a ultrasound (can be resposible for bone loss especially in small bones, fatigue and muscle weakness) gave me the courage to try again.  To see if I could finally actually improve with effort as opposed to pass out on the cross training machine.

The challenge being, how to start slowly enough.  This is how Couch to 5k came to the rescue.  In the words of my Dr.  while most people need help doing enough, I need to be told when to stop.  With 2hour training sessions figure skating, solo sea kayaking and having LIVED on my bicycle for much of my life... I could not have done the gradual increase in activity of this program on my own.  I thought a good easy start was 45 min on a crosstrainer followed by an hour on a rowing machine.

Yeah, I know.
Hello C25K and Robert Ullrey's lovely podcasts.

Sunday morning, I have to take my bone density meds lots of water and nothing else for 30 min.  Seemed like a good time to go for a 'run'.  Podcast loaded, off I go.  Tough going on the first day.   Didn't quite make it through the first running interval but managed the rest.  Well there's day one done.

OMFG!!! Thighs are in AGONY the next day.  Brilliant!  Well at least it's a beginning.

The program calls for a rest day between each run/train day.  Thighs still sore as day 2 rolls around.  But, as skating taught me, building muscles is a good hurt.  So I'll stick this long enough to see if my body is able to make gains again.  Day 2 and the running is a little easier.

No light headedness, no collapse feeling.


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